The Different Types of Insurances offered by Omaha

Omaha provides a wide plethora of insurance options to choose from. They have been designed keeping in mind every nature of the potential customer. Be it a holder of the Original Medicare Plan or an employee facing disability, there are wee – tailored plans that provide the much needed security so that the individual can live a peaceful retirement or recover from the illness faster.


1) Medicare Supplemental plans: It can be bought by 65+ individuals or by persons below 65 with disabilities including End Stage Renal Disease. The recipient may choose his or her service provider from array of service providers associated with the Mutual. The insurance coverage options under this plan are:

  • Original Medicare- It includes Part A- Hospital Insurance and Par B – Medicare Insurance.
  • Medicare Advantage: It comprises of Part C – Medicare Advantage including Part A, Part B and some additional benefits like prescription drug coverage.

12% discount on premiums is offered to the policyholders from a single household.


2) Life Insurance: Various options of plans are available under the long term life insurance and the permanent life insurance suiting different individualistic needs like payment of mortgage or debts, providing ongoing income, covering of final expenses, case of accidental death , provision of funds for child’s education or any emergency and supplement retirement income.


3) Long-Term Care Insurance: If an individual is chronically ill, he or she may need insurance for long term services. The benefits under this insurance policy of the Mutual can be received in either cash or reimbursement benefit until the policy limit is reached. Benefits like shared care, security benefit and inflation protection can be bought along paying an additional cost. A care coordinator is also accessible under this policy of the Omaha.


4) Disability Income Insurance: Suppose a person is unable to earn due to sickness or injury, then disability income insurance will cover a part of monthly income ensuring smooth flow of daily expenses. The products under this policy are short or long term, Priority Income Protection and Accident-Only Plan.


5) Critical Illness Insurance: The high treatment costs and deductibility related to the Critical Illness are covered under this policy. Upon diagnosis of a serious illness, the policyholder not the service provider receives a lump sum benefit up to maximum $100,000 depending upon the term i.e; 10-,15-,20- and 30- years or lifetime. The age group eligible for this insurance policy is 18-64 years.


6) Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke Insurance: The Cancer, Heart Attack Stroke Insurance caters to needs to families, individuals in need of high deductible filler and small business owners between age of 18-89. The coverage offered is for not only for medical expenses but also non-medical expenses during diagnosis and treatment.


7) Dental Insurance: The dental insurance policies are Mutual Dental preferred Insurance Policy and Mutual Dental Protection Insurance Policy. These plans cover basic, preventive and major services including dental implants.

Then there are Medigap plans. These plans are things like a Cigna Medicare supplement which pays expenses in Medicare.


Pick the right investment plan for you after going through all the details. It is also recommended to get the advice of your financial advisor who can guide you through the process seamlessly.


How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Simple Steps

Skin care isn’t only about buying expensive lotions or other cosmetics, it has more to do with your eating habits, exercise, having enough sleep and controlling your stress. The type of care you need also depends on your skin type, don’t just rush into buying the new cream in town because you saw your favorite celebrity advertizing it and claiming it best. These celebrities are paid to advertize any product, most of the time they haven’t even tested the product on their skin.


The skin covers all our body, which makes it the largest organ and yet people don’t bother about taking care of it. Most people take care of their hair than they took care of the skin. Taking care of the skin doesn’t require any much effort, it just require dedication.


No More Smoking


If you’re a smoker you must quit if you really want to have a healthy skin. Most people assume smoking only affects the lungs and the heart, but it also has a great deal on your skin. When you smoke the blood vessels of your skin are narrowed and though prevent blood to flow appropriately. This means there is no enough supply of oxygen to the skin. Smoking will also damage elastin and collagen, which will cause skin wrinkles and make you look older. If you really want that fresh and glowing skin you must quit smoking.


Plan A Good Diet


A good diet will not only make you strong but also improve your skin health and make you look younger. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, proteins and whole grains is necessary for taking care of the skin. Even though there is a lot of research going on, it is believed that eating the right diet and sufficient water will lead to having better and good looking skin.


Protect Your Skin From Excess Sun Rays


We need the sunlight for our daily activities and energy requirements, but to some extent if you expose your skin to ultraviolet rays excessively you’ll damage your skin, in order to have a good looking skin you have to limit exposing your skin to the sun. If the nature of your work involves staying in the sun most of them time, then you should use sunscreen or any other protective material that can lower the effect of the sun.


Reduce Your Stress Level


Stress affects your skin in many ways, not only that it affects your entire health. Stress causes acne and hives, all these causes damage to your skin. You must relieve yourself from stress if you want a good skin.


Taking care of the skin is a consistent process throughout your life but most people don’t really bother about taking care of it, in the end they end up having skin problems and will be spending a lot of money buying cosmetic products that hardly work. Instead of doing that why don’t you spend time and make a plan that will care for your skin. To get a good looking skin you must give your attention to it. With proper care you’ll have natural glowing skin.

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